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Hi, I'm Meha Masum, I'm a seasoned software engineer.

I do my part in making the world a better place by making the web open, fun and more useful.

More about me

I'm a programmer and lifelong learner.
I love writing software, and I am grateful that I get to make a living doing it.

I led my team to win 5 international software competitions during college.
I find it extremity enjoyable to solve a real-world problem by writing software.
So I still take some time out, every year, to participate in top software competitions around the world. Like everyone else, I too have to keep up with the latest trends, and I believe this helps me a lot with that.

Recently, I have been writing open source software to help nonprofit organizations. My collaborative mapping software written for the Jane Goodall Institute won the DocuSign Good Code award.

I feel like I'm a jack of all trades and master of a few.
‘Roll up your sleeves and get the job done’ - is my motto.

Things I like
travelling running fish 'n' chips pop music crime thrillers fifa
My interests
devops artificial intelligence open source
I want to work with
web services test-driven development software architecture site reliability
I prefer not to work with
mobile apps

Values I hold dear

  • Being kind

    To each other and to ourselves.
    We should not pass out an opportunity to help someone in need.

  • Showing humility

    To know, accept, and be who we are while demonstrating modesty about our accomplishments and gifts, admitting mistakes, and valuing others.

  • Showing grit

    To advance despite adversity.
    No whining. No complaining. No excuses.

  • Passing on the knowledge

    To share what we learned with everyone else, free of cost. Because it costs a candle nothing to light another candle.

Technical skills

python javascript php java c
react angular django express.js scss babel webpack
mysql postgresql mongodb redis
mocha.js phpunit jest cypress
android-sdk react-native
aws docker ansible jenkins elk grafana sentry newrelic kubernetes


Here are some of the pet projects that I worked on over the years.

Version control and collaboration platform for GIS mapping with integrated e-signature workflow

esri arcgis docusign react django celery redis postgresql heroku

A Reddit like mobile utility for sharing road safety issues to draw local authority’s attention

java android php mysql azure

Work experience

Here are some of the companies I worked for.

Senior Software Engineer at Automattic Inc.


Recently joined Automattic in a fulltime remote role and working on developing the WooCommerce Marketplace

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  • Developed a Salesforce integration that allows our sales team to collect payment according to the agreed Quote, prepare a new account, set up order and paid subscriptions for the customer.
  • Developed a set of data validation rules for Hadoop to detect anomaly in business data (i.e. orders, subscriptions, payments, taxes etc). This helps us to detect a problem early and take preemptive measures.
php react memcached mysql docker ELK newrelic grafana

Software Engineer at Newscred Inc.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Worked as a full-stack engineer on NewsCred’s enterprise marketing management SaaS Welcome.

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  • Led the research, development and deployment of format-agnostic file annotation service that allows clients to mark up uploaded files and allows real-time collaboration. Deployed it in AWS ECS with autoscaling
  • Maintained and developed new features for NewsCred’s publishing integrations including OAuth integrations (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram), RPC and Plugin-based integrations (i.e., WordPress, AEM, Sitecore), WOPI-based integrations (i.e., Microsoft Office for web) etc.
  • Rebuilt NewsCred’s content publishing and social scheduling experience (AngularJS to ReactJS). Identified and resolved server-side performance issues, added monitoring and proactive publishing failure prevention steps. Reduced client-reported bugs by more than 15% in two quarters
  • Built a trial version of the existing software, allowing public signup and metered resource utilizations. Designed the architecture of onboarding experience, implemented social login capabilities into existing SSO architecture which bumped up the number of weekly signups by more than 10%
  • Lead a team of 4 engineers to develop the "Settings as Code" project. It allows clients to easily sync workspace settings such as Workflows, Templates, Labels, etc between different workspaces (often between Staging and Production) and even automate this process via CI jobs.
  • Lead a team of 3 engineers in the "Workflow Simplification" project. The project converted the ever-complex Workflow setup experience to a bare minimum thanks to both UX engineering and backend architecture improvements.
  • Alongside technical contributions, I conducted interviews, trained fresh hires, and led other software engineers in different projects.
node.js react express.js oauth2 xml-rpc mocha.js mongodb redis elasticsearch docker AWS jenkins ansible nagios logstash kibana sentry

Software Engineer at Codemarshal

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Worked as a full-stack engineer on numerous client projects

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  • Developed a web-based gaming environment with ReactJS, Redux and PixiJS, implemented real-time messaging backend from scratch with Django Channels.
  • Led the CORE team in building a REST backend module using DRF in form of reusable Django apps to share across different products which allowed us to bootstrap new projects in a matter of minutes. Built CI pipeline to run tests and publish as a private Python package.
  • Created and maintained a shared ReactJS component library with Webpack, showcased by a style guide app. Added tests & documentation, built CI pipeline testing and publishing as private Node module.
django django-rest-framework django-channels react redux pixi postgresql celery redis elasticsearch gitlab-ci

Research & Development Intern at Robotics Lab, CSE, DU

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Worked as an Intern for the "Robolab" in Dept. of CSE, Univ. of Dhaka.

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  • Did Machine Learning based R&D for Rupai, a graphically programmable robotics kit (funded by Ministry of Education, Govt. of Bangladesh).
  • Led a team of six people in the same project for building a visual programming interface for robotics kits. Designed the system and was responsible for budget & resource management, documentation and reporting.
  • Worked on both front- and back-end; developed the programming editor, code transfer and transpilation modules.
python opencv tensorflow keras blockly php


My educational background.